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February 26

Glutes & Hamstrings

  1. Sumo Squat – 12,12,10,10 reps
  2. Hip Thrusts – 8 full reps straight into 5 pulse reps – 4 sets
  3. Reverse Lunges – 8 reps each leg – 4 sets
  4. Band Hip Abductors – 15 reps – 3 sets
  5. Glute Kick Backs – 12 reps each leg – 3 sets
  6. Hamstring Walk Outs – until failure – 3 sets


Sumo Squat 

Position your feet in a wide position outside your shoulers with your toes slightly pointed out. Holding your dumbbells in your hands in-between your legs, slowly squat down being sure to keep your weight in your heels. Make sure your knees are following your toes, also pointed outwards and keep your chest up but your head down to keep your spine neutral. Focusing on squeezing your glutes as you push up out of the squat.


Hip Thrusts 

8 full reps straight into 5 pulse (or half reps). Be sure to squeeze at the top of each rep.


Reverse Lunges


Holding a dumbbell in each hand step back with one leg so both your knees should be in about a 90° angle. When coming up you want to push through your front heel. The farther you step back the more you will be engaging your hamstrings and glutes and the closer your step back is the more you will be engaging your quads. As you can see when I step back my chest is slightly leaned forward, this is engaging also more glutes and hamstrings whereas keeping your torso more up right will engage more quads. This exercise should be performed very slow and controlled really focusing on keeping your core tight and pushing up through your heel.


Band Hip Abductors 

Seated with your feet together and a band a couple inches above your knees. Push your knees out against the band and as far out as you can and get a good squeeze. Slowly bring your knees back together and repeat.


Glute Kick Backs 

Balanced on one leg with a band around your thighs, slowly kick back one leg behind you. I suggest having something to lean into so you can focus less on the balance and more on the squeeze and intention behind the movement. Be sure to keep the leg you are kicking back with straight and being sure to hold and squeeze for a second at the top. Slowly bright your leg back down and tap the ground and repeat.


Hamstring Walk Outs


February 26
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