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Full Body HIIT

July 20

Full Body HIIT

5 exercises – 40 sec each – 20 sec rest in between – 5 rounds

  1. Lunge Curl Press
  2. Wide, Normal to Narrow Jump Squat
  3. Push Up Row
  4. Russian Twist
  5. Chest Press Leg Drops


Lunge Curl Press

Start with a dumbbell in each hand and one foot about 3 feet back. Keep your weight in your front foot heel as you lunge down, curl the dumbbell up towards your shoulders then press them above your head as you stand up. Bring the dumbbells back down to your sides as you lunge back down and repeat.


Wide, Normal to Narrow Jump Squat

With a dumbbell in each hand on your shoulders, start in a narrow squat position with your feet together. From here you are going to jump into a normal width squat about shoulder width apart. Then you are going to jump into the widest squat, with your feet outside your shoulders. From the widest squat repeat the sequence and jump back into the narrow squat.


Push Up Row


Russian Twist

Tighten your core and position yourself slightly leaned back balanced on your glutes with your legs up, I like to cross my feet for better balance. Slowly twist the weight from side to side across your body keeping the weight close too your abdomen.


Chest Press Leg Drops

Lay on the ground with a dumbbell in each hand. Straighten your arms up with the dumbbells right over your shoulders. Bring your legs up off the ground with your feet together straight up over your hips. As you drop your legs down right above the ground, bring the dumbbells back down to your chest with your palms facing your legs and your elbows straight out inline with your shoulders. Now that your legs are down and the dumbbells are above your chest you are going to bring them both back up at the same time, meeting in the middle.


July 20
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