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June 3

Glutes & Hamstrings

  1. Sumo Squat – 12 reps – 4 sets
  2. Hip Thrusts – 14,12,10,8,6 reps
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats – 8 reps each leg – 4 sets
  4. Banded Glute Kick Backs – until failure – 3 sets
  5. Banded Side Steps – 30 reps– 3 sets


Sumo Squat 

Position your feet in a wide position outside your shoulers with your toes slightly pointed out. Holding your dumbbells in your hands in-between your legs, slowly squat down being sure to keep your weight in your heels. Make sure your knees are following your toes, also pointed outwards and keep your chest up but your head down to keep your spine neutral. Focusing on squeezing your glutes as you push up out of the squat.


Hip Thrusts 

Place your feet hip width apart and not too far away from your body, when you press up it should make about a 90 degree angle. Its very important to make sure you are not arching your back as you thrust up and also to not let it arch as you bring the weight down. I find it helps me to lift my toes a bit and really push through my heels to make sure I am isolating my glutes as much as possible.


Bulgarian Split Squats 

Stand 2 to 3 feet in front of a knee-high platform or bench and position your right leg behind you resting your foot flat on the bench. Slowly lower down towards the ground and back up. The further out you place your front foot, the more you will be engaging your hamstrings and glutes, the closer is it to the bench the more you will engage quads. Another factor is your chest. The more you slightly lean forward, you will engage hamstrings and glutes, and the more upright your torso is will be more quad focused.


Banded Glute Kick Backs 

Seated with your feet together and a band a couple inches above your knees. Push your knees out against the band and as far out as you can and get a good squeeze. Slowly bring your knees back together and repeat.


Banded Side Steps 

Place your band around your legs a couple inches above your knees. Keep a bend in your knees and take a big step from side to side really pulling against the band. You should feel this exercise in your hips and glutes.


June 3
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