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May 16

Quads & Calves + Abs

  1. Goblet Squat – 10 reps – 4 sets
  2. Pulse Jump Squat – 10 reps – 4 sets
  3. Split Lunge – 10 reps each leg – 4 sets
  4. Sissy Squats – 10 reps– 4 sets
  5. Hip Flexor Raises – 25 reps each leg – 3 sets
  6. Calf Raises – until failure – 4 sets


Follow Along my 10 min Ab Routine


Goblet Squat 

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hips width apart holding one end of a dumbbell with both hands. Keep your weight in your heels as you squat down making sure your knee does not go beyond your toes. Its also important to make sure you avoid letting your knees cave inward. Make sure you are pushing your knees out, keeping them in a line with your ankles.


Pulse Jump Squat 


Split Lunge 

Position yourself in a lunge stance with one leg about 2 feet out in front of you and the other about 2 feet behind you. Keeping your weight in you front foot heel, lower down to the ground and back up repeatedly. Do all the reps on one leg until you are finished then switch legs.


Sissy Squats


Hip Flexor Raises


Calf Raises 

Leaning slightly into a wall or something else, perform calve raises by going all the way up on your toes and slowly back down to the ground. It’s important to do this slow and controlled getting the full range of motion each rep.


Follow Along my 10 min Ab Routine


May 16
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