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Total Upper Body

March 16

Total Upper Body

  1. Alternating Shoulder Press – 6 reps each arm – 4 sets
  2. Reverse Fly Variation – 12 reps – 4 sets
  3. Hammer to Wide Bicep Curl – 10 reps – 4 sets
  4. Underhand Front Raise – 8 reps each arm – 4 sets
  5. Tricep Push Ups – 10 reps – 4 sets 


Alternating Shoulder Press 

Press both dumbbells up above your head bringing down one at a time and back up above your head alternating arms each rep.


Reverse Fly Variation 


Hammer to Wide Bicep Curl 

Position your feet about hips width apart with a dumbbell in each hand. This exercise has two types of bicep curls in one so you’re going to start with a hammer curl then go into a wide curl. Start by holding the weights with your palms facing each bringing the dumbbells up towards your shoulder. At the top of this rep you are going to bring the weights out to your sides and then curl them up again, go back down into the hammer curl and repeat. With each curl you want to make sure you are extending your arm straight at the bottom so you can get the full range of motion with each rep.


Underhand Front Raise 

Sit at the end of a bench or stand with your feet about hips width apart with a dumbbell in each hand. Tighten your core and make sure your lower back is not arched. With your palms facing up and your arms straight, bring the dumbbell up and slightly across your body. Slowly bring it back down your side and alternate arms.


Tricep Push Ups 

You can do this on the end of a bench or on the ground. What makes this a tricep pushup is having your hands close together. Make sure your shoulders are right over your hands. As you lower your chest to the ground, make sure your elbows stay close to your body.


March 16
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